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Based on 116 reviews

Very good super cinnamon and a hint of apple

Great taste

Tastes a bit nutty, great cappuccinos!

Snowfall - Cinnamon Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee - 12oz

It's rasberry chocotastic!!

Enchanted Frog is totally righteous!!! I tried a few other brands and they all tasted like burnt hair.

New go to

The flavor is deliciously but surprisingly smooth, doesn't taste burnt like other brands I have tried. I like to make white chocolate lattes with it.

Enchanted Frog - Chocolate Raspberry Coffee - 12oz

Magically Delicious

This coffee is so flavourful and smooth. I will never drink any old Chocolate Raspberry coffee again!

Great quality decaf coffee!

Happy Cafe is one of the best decaf coffees I have tasted. Tastes nothing like the decaf you are used to.Try it, you'll love it!

My favorite coffee company

I've been a heavy coffee/energy drink drinker for many years and have a hard time finding a coffee strong enough for my caffeine tolerance but this one does it for me. It definitely is a more bitter coffee flavor, which doesn't bother me much, and I've found that my favorite way to drink it is mixed with a couple scoops of the nerd fuel white coffee too. Their white coffee is my favorite coffee I've ever had.

Snowfall - Cinnamon Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee - 12oz

This coffee is so good. Hands down will purchase it again.

Moonless Night - Dark Roast Coffee - 12oz

Best coffee I've had in a while

Excellent Pumpkin Spice Coffee!

A friend gave me this as a birthday gift.

Add a few crystals of sea salt to the grounds and this is a divine pumpkin spice coffee. Adding Soviia pumpkin spice agave and half-and-half makes it taste like a certain famous pumpkin spice latte back when they were good.

I'm very sad I won't be able to get a second bag this year.

Thanks for the review, Chelsea! Just wanted to let you know that the first batch of The Harvest sold out super fast this year, but the next batch will be available on Amazon in the next few days! :)



Tasty excellent

Enchanted Frog - Chocolate Raspberry Coffee - 12oz

finally ......

I love this white coffee. I've bought white coffee in the past. This is probably the best. Others made my coffee machine explode. This brews perfect everytime. Thanks Nerdfuel. Gonna go reorder more now !!

Very Tasty

Excellent coffee with smooth chocolate and robust raspberry flavor. Incredible smell and taste, love it! 😁❤️

Love this stuff

This is a great chai, easy drinking and refreshing.

Good stuff. Don't hate on decaf!!

I purchased - and had this sent - this to my caffeine sensitive son who loves coffee but not what caffeine does to heart rate. He reported this was one of the best decaf coffees he's tried and got through three cups as soon as he'd opened the bag.

Chocolate raspberry coffee

I think the Chocolate Raspberry is my new favorite! It's great with dessert, but it's a dessert in itself. I like all the Nerdfuel coffee that I've tried, and this one is high on my list! If you like chocolate covered cherries, you will love this one!

Best Chai Tea we have ever had!!

My mom and I drink chai tea regularly, and We can both easily say its the best we have every had. Super rich, delicious and feels super high end. 10/10 recommend

Great Flavor

This Maple Bacon Coffee from NerdFuel is so delicious. The flavor and taste are exceptional. I like mixing it with a regular coffee to get a nice balance.

It tastes like dessert

Just opening the bag, it smells like for along apple pie. It is a tasty, sweet dessert like coffee. I wouldn't drink it as a regular thing, but if I want coffee in the afternoon (and yes, I am one of those people) this is a great choice.

Taste is Great for mornings

I think this drink is amazing to drink for mornings! really smooth taste as it goes down!


Thanks! Will try other styles at some point