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Coffee and video gaming go together exceptionally well. After all, what better way to fuel those marathon sessions than by ensuring that a plentiful supply of your favorite java is on tap?

When venturing out coffee shops - although often expensive - are cool places to chill sometimes.  And when we got to thinking about it, there are actually some rather iconic coffee shops featured in some great video games that we kind of wish were real. Here's a look at some of them.

Animal Crossing - The Roost


Living in the world of Animal Crossing offers plenty to do. You can decorate your home, the homes of others, you can spend time planting flowers, catching (pretty odd) fish and haggling with a pair of slightly overbearing raccoons. But if we lived in that world we'd spend most of our time down at The Roost, the coffee shop run by an entrepreneurial bird called Brewster.

After all, what better way to celebrate paying off your loan to the Nooks than hanging out in a rather hip coffee shop sipping on one of Brewster's special brews and chatting with your neighbors? If you are lucky the ever talented K.K. Slider will be there to entertain you and Brewster will even let you work behind the coffee bar on occasion, paying you in coffee beans.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga - Starbeans Cafe


Dr E. Gadd is best known for being the mind behind such exciting devices as the Poltergust, a gadget that helps everyone's second favorite plumber make it through a haunted house relatively unscathed in Luigi's Mansion. However, he's also a clever coffee connoisseur.

In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga if you head to Beanbean Castle Town you can stop at an establishment called the Starbeans Cafe where you can indulge in a cup or two of bean juice - aka coffee.

This is something of a self-service coffee shop as you have to bring your own beans and grind them yourself in Dr E. Gad's bean machine. Once the coffee's brewed through when Mario or Luigi drink it they get a nice stat boost. We're not sure how Dr Gad has avoided being sued by Starbucks yet over the name of his establishment, but if he ever is we're sure he can persuade the finest lawyer in the Mushroom Kingdom to help him out.

Persona 5 - Cafe Leblanc


In the super stylish world of Persona 5 Cafe Leblanc has a very important role to play, as the coffee shop is where you'll spend much of your time when you're not claiming hearts and battling demons.

The cafe is owned by one Sojiro Sakura. He does a mean curry as well as a great cup of joe. He lets Joker sleep in the attic when he needs a place to say and eventually the cafe becomes the meeting place for the Phantom Thieves. Ask him nicely and he'll even make you one of his legendary brews personally.

Cafe Leblanc is another video game coffee shop where you can show off your own barista skills as well. You can pick those up from Sojiro himself, who will be happy to walk you through his coffee making process and if you do a good enough job Joker will gain some skill points as a reward for your endeavors.

Detective Pikachu - Hi-Hat Cafe

Before it was a movie Detective Pikachu was a Nintendo 3DS game. It didn't gain as much praise as most Pokemon games but it is a fun way to pass a few gaming hours.

In it we get to know the little yellow legend known as Pikachu better than ever before, including the fact that he's very fond of coffee, but only when it's black. No cream and sugar for this manic mouse, he's a tough guy.

The Hi-Hat Cafe is Pikachu's favorite place to get his coffee fix, and he spends plenty of time there with his pal Harry resting between cases. The love of coffee carried over into the 2019 Ryan Reynolds movie based on the game, producing some of the funniest scenes in the film of all.

Yakuza - Cafe Alps


The slightly seedy Cafe Alps has a part to play in all the Yakuza games. It's a great place to grab a cup of coffee, discuss a business deal or even bring a date. The baristas are nice, quiet folks who mind their own business, a good trait to have when you are surrounded by mob bosses and their various underlings.

Good coffee isn't all they serve up at Cafe Alps. You can score yourself a spicy beef curry or a rather delicate strawberry parfait. And despite the rather shabby Seventies inspired decor it's a great place to hang out between kills.

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