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With 2019 almost in the history books, all eyes, and hopes are focused on 2020. And as we all make them (even if we don't keep them) here are five New Year’s resolutions for coffee addicts - and nerds -  to get the new year off to a great start.

Up Your Coffee Supply Game


Still using the same cracked and chipped coffee cups you did back in college? Or the same coffee maker you picked up for 9.99 in Big Lots years ago? Then make 2020 the year you up your coffee supply game. To get the scoop on the best new coffee brewing hardware theHomeGrounds site is a great reference and as far as coffee mugs go as soonas you hit Amazonthe choices are almost never ending.

Visit a Bucket List Coffee Shop

There are coffee shops everywhere, and while we prefer to make ours at home most of the time there are some coffee shops that it could be said are definitely on our bucket list. Take, for example,the coffee shop at theStudio Ghibli Museum just outside Tokyo. It's a dream come true for fans, and, to be honest, there's coffee art and then there's Studio Ghibli coffee art.

Until you can make it to Tokyo however why not try sipping your coffee at home while listening to this wonderfulStudio Ghibli coffee shop playlist?

Other bucket list coffee shops on our list are a little closer to home, and include the offerings at the newStar Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disney World, a trip to a cool Harry Potter themed coffee shop likeSteamy Hallows in Pennsylvania orNimbus Coffee in LA, and to one - or a dozen or so - of thegrowing number of comic book stores who are starting to capitalize on what nerds have always known; coffee and comics go perfectly together.

Finally Learn to Pour Latte Art

Let's face it, good latte art is amazing. But why pay big bucks for some fancy barista to create it for you when you can learn to do it yourself. You can opt totake a course online - and earn a real certification to impress your fellow coffee addicts, or, if you like Airbnb experiences, check out theirlatte adventure offerings that can take you all over the world to learn how to create amazing caffeinated art.

Try New Coffees


It's tempting to simply stick to a tried and tested coffee blend you love - and we hope you've already found that at Nerd Fuel - but why not resolve to keep broadening your coffee horizons in 2020 with us? Over the last few months, we've launched our maple bacon delightDrake’s Reserve, the delicately delightfulSnowfall, a dreamy combination of great coffee cinnamon, hazelnut and vanilla, the white coffee wonder that’sTurbo Button and more. We are not going to stop in 2020, and have lots more new flavors to introduce, so stick with us and we’ll give you lots of chances to keep this New Year’s resolution with ease. 

Note - You might have wondered why we didn't mention that 2020 the start of a new decade too. That's because it actually (probably) isn't -as the Philadelphia Inquirer explained beautifully recently - and we (best Sheldon Cooper voice) like to keep things scientifically accurate around here.)

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