Great Gizmos for Coffee and Tea Nerds

We're nerds. We're also gizmo lovers. The two do usually go together. And if your vocation is creating fuel for other nerds in the form of the best coffee and tea around then obviously you (we) are going to be all about coffee and tea-related toys and gadgets.

Many of the gizmos out there designed to elevate your favorite brews are very useful, some are cool, some are WAY out there. Which in many cases is good. Here's a look at some of them. 

Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock Coffee Maker 

Is this coffee - or tea - maker $450? Yes. Is it one of the coolest alarm clocks we've seen in a long time? Also yes. Would we like one? Yes, it's already on our next list for Santa.

The Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock Coffee Maker looks like something you'd find in a mad scientist's laboratory rather than next to your bed, but that's a huge part of the appeal.

Part personal barista and part personal assistant, the Barisieur is straight out of a coffee lover's dream. It does not make a dreadful, brain busting noise to wake you up, but instead eases you into the morning with the calming sound of bubbling water and the aroma of freshly brewing coffee. And seeing it do its thing is fascinating. Just watch.


Coffee/Tea Horn

Most of have seen those big drinking horns at Renaissance Festivals and comic cons. As coffee and or tea lovers you probably, like us, drink a lot of the stuff, so wouldn't a coffee or tea horn make a lot of sense too?

Somebody thought so because they created this rather nifty one. It's not only special because it looks so darn cool but also because, unlike many of the other drinking horns you can buy it can withstand being filled with the hottest beverages again and again without suffering any damage. It even comes with a set of two faux leather carrying straps and a special cup holder that turns into a stand, great for channelling your inner Norse God on the go. 

BB-8 Teapot and Cup

BB -8 more than prove he was useful to Rey and Co. and now he can be useful to you. This teapot and teacup combo is perfectly sized for brewing - and then drinking - a cup of one of Nerdfuel's delicious teas and when not in service BB-8 can be relied upon to guard your kitchen counter effectively too. 

Hi Hat Cafe Mega Construx Set

If you are going to spend hours putting a Mega Construx set together (which we do more often than we'd care to admit) why not make it a caffeine themed one? This set was released as a tie in with Ryan Reynolds Detective Pikachu movie and features lots of cool details, right down to a breakaway shelf that will send all those dishes crashing down!