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Most people are stuck at home right now. And even if you are working from home, you do need downtime. However, if you have run out of things to watch on Netflix, or don't want to incur any more subscription fees there are some services that offer a nice dose of nerdy entertainment that won't cost you an arm and a leg or get you in trouble with your ISP for doing 'dodgy' things.

Here's a look at just some offerings that you can make use of while waiting for those Nook boys to finish building your latest public work or calm you down after rage quitting Doom Eternal (again) because you got stuck (or is that just us???)

And don't forget, nothing goes better with a good entertainment binge than a cup ofNerdfuel coffee or tea. We're still working hard refreshing our nerdy brethren with the finest in handcrafted beverages and shipping is still fast and never more than $5 in the US and Canada (free is you spend over $50)

Free Extended Trials for TV Streaming

(All cool, just don't forget to cancel them in time to avoid being charged)

CBS All Access Free Picard Offer

If you have been annoyed by the fact that the latest (very well) reviewed Star Trek offering 'Picard' is hidden behind a CBS All Access paywall, the man, the legend himself, Sir Patrick Stewart has a gift for you.

By using the code 'GIFT' on sign up you can watch the entire season of his show free, great timing, as the season finale aired on Thursday March 25th and you probably now have the time to binge-watch the whole thing.

Adult Swim's Samurai Jack Offer

All episodes of Samurai Jack, the animated series, have been made available for free through the Adult Swim app and website. That's five seasons of Jack on Apu action, more than enough to fill at least a couple of days streaming for even the most avid viewer.

Shudder's 30 Day Horror for Shut-Ins Offer

Horror junkies, rejoice! This gore-and-suspense-centric streaming service is offering an extended 30-day free trial with the code SHUTIN. If you haven't ever checked it out Shudder offers all kinds of niche horror flicks and thrillers and is also the channel that recently launched a remake of Creepshow, which is, we have to say, as over the top as ever and just as much scary fun.


Viz has always been free, but they have just added a bunch of new content to help those looking for extra anime to stream. Most hardcore anime fans are more than familiar with the channel, but for those of you who only dabble, now is the time to get hooked. (Hint: JOJO, watch JOJO)

Acorn TV

Like Brit TV? Acorn have extended their usual seven-day free trial to thirty days if you use the code FREE30. Acorn has a treasure trove of stuff spanning all kinds of genres, but we seriously recommend Terry Pratchett's Going Postal, and the very funny Agatha Mars. These shows are all best enjoyed with a nice cup of (Nerdfuel) tea by the way.

In these strange times, whatever we can all do to keep each other going is cool, so if you have any other great resources to share, we would love to hear about them on ourFacebook,Twitter orInstagram page.

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