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Coffee and comics go together. Coffee and video games do too. In fact coffee and nerds are a match made in heaven. How else are we going to make it through another 12-hour gaming marathon or an all night Comixology binge? Some characters in comics and video games also seem to be more than aware of the power of a good cup of coffee. This is a look at just some of our favorite examples.  

Number Five, Umbrella Academy

Although many people are only just discovering Umbrella Academy, thanks to the Netflix series, this story of seven incredible - and impossible - pseudo siblings actually debuted over ten years ago. And The Boy - AKA Number Five - has long been our favorite out of the bunch.

All seven of the Hargreeves siblings not only have some amazing superpowers, but they all have their problems too. In addition to the fact that he is a nearly sixty year old man trapped in his ten-year old (or thirteen in the Netflix show) body, and has seen the end of the world and is now desperately trying to prevent it, Number Five has a problem with coffee. In that he can usually never get enough.

Five's love of coffee surprises lots of people - because technically he's a kid - but he does not let that bother him, or much come between him and his java when he does find it, even a shoot out in his favorite coffee shop.

Godot, Ace Attorney

For those not familiar with it, Ace Attorney is both a great anime and a beloved video game series. While it features a number of cool attorney characters, our personal favorite is Godot. Which should not come as too much of a surprise as much of Godot's existence revolves around coffee.

By his own admission Godot drinks 'about 17' cups of coffee per trial, and in the gamePhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Trials and Tribulations he even uses his trusty cup of joe as a formidable weapon. Godot's story - and backstory - is long and fascinating, and a bit too complicated to explain here (we encourage you to explore it if haven't though) but this particular quote, one of the best known attached to him, might just remind youof a certain Nerdfuel brew that we are extremely confident that he would love.

Detective Pikachu

Since it was first introduced much of the story of Pokemon has revolved around an electric mouse called Pikachu. And why not? He's cute, Ash's Pikachu is also brave and stubborn and as the Pokemon universe has expanded from the original 150 to more than 800 creatures (as of Pokemon Sword and Shield) it's comforting to fans to still have a central character to focus on.

The Pikachu in the Detective Pokemon game, and later the movie of the same name, is very different to the one that follows Ash Ketchum around. He speaks great English, solve crimes, and he is obsessed with coffee. In the game he does all his best work in the coffee shop he frequents with his pal Tim and seems to be rather knowledgeable about it too. That was carried over into the movie, and while he often claims he can quit it any time he wants to, he does not seem inclined to do so, and we can't say we blame him, who would?

Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye

In the era of MCU movie domination Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, has been seriously maligned by many. (although Jeremy Renner does a great job in our opinion) But the Clint Barton of the comics is one of our favorite Avengers. 

For a start he's overcome a lot. He was orphaned, abused, ran away to become a carnie and left deaf after an incident with a sonic arrow. He's been a good guy, a bad guy and is seriously conflicted. And he lives for coffee. Definitely our kind of superhero.

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