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How much thought have you, as someone who loves a good cup of coffee made just how you like it, ever given to the way other people drink theirs? Not just your friend who seems to use as much creamer as they do coffee, which you just don't get, or your coworker who prefers their coffee so strong the spoon practically stands up in it, but how those from other countries and other cultures enjoy their caffeine fix?

The fact is that you will find coffee almost anywhere you choose to travel, but that does not mean that the coffee drinking experience will be the same. Here's a three great at some popular coffee experiences from around the world that in the US we might consider less than usual. Why not give one of them a shot when your next Nerdfuel shipment arrives?

Scandinavian Egg Coffee

Eggs and coffee is hardly unusual. But, when ordered in a diner, or whipped up at home, the eggs usually go on a plate with toast and the coffee in a cup as an accompaniment. That is not always the case in Scandinavian countries though. Or in certain areas of the Midwestern United States come to that matter.

Scandinavian Egg Coffee - or Church Basement Coffee as it's known in the Midwest - is a combination of eggs and coffee in the same cup. The thought may make some a little queasy if they've never tried it, but using the right recipe you can brew a coffee drink that's smooth and mild. Here's a look at the basic recipe. For the best results choose a milder coffee, likeNerdfuel's Clockwork Brew.

What You'll Need

  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 oz. ground coffee
  • 1.5 cups of boiling water
  • 1 cup of cold water

How It's Done

Add the egg to a bowl filled with a 1/2 cup of cold water and the ground coffee.

Mix until you have a smooth paste

Add the boiling water to the mixture and simmer for 3-5 minutes

Once the coffee is boiled add the remainder of the cold water and stir, letting it settle for two minutes.

Strain into your coffee cup using a fine mesh sieve.

Espresso Tonic

Ice coffee is great. Even in the winter (fight us, it is). Espresso Tonic offers a different way to enjoy a cold coffee on a hot day that some may consider a little more sophisticated. Or weird, depending on your outlook.

To make it, simply add a shot of homemade espresso to a tall glass filled with ice and 2/3 tonic water. Plain tonic water is fine, but some people do like to experiment with other flavors. This is a drink that has been popping up in trendy coffee shops for a while now, so if you make it at home you can fool your friends into thinking you're ultra sophisticated (just get the pronunciation right)

Any of our Nerdfuel coffees work well as an espresso shot - either made with a machine or a Moka pot - and for this coffee concoction, they all work well too. However, if you want a nice shot of light flavorApplezilla orSnowfall would be wonderful choices.

Black Pepper Coffee

This coffee - which is also known as Café Touba, is a big favorite in a number of African counties - especially Senegal. Legend has it that it was originally developed by a religious leader for the Mouride Brotherhood to help devotees stay awake through long prayer ceremonies. It's also said to have stomach calming qualities.

If you want to try making your own at home you'll need Selim (guinea) pepper, coffee, and water. You can buy Selim pepper in specialty spice stores or even on Amazon. The amount to add is a matter of taste, but we'd recommend starting small. And, as café Touba is traditionally made as an infusion, brewing it using a pour over coffee maker, and using a darker roast likeNerdfuel’s Moonless Night, will yield the best results

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